Pleyel Tower - Saint-Denis (93)
Nantes train station (44)
Gaston Defferre College - Marseille (13)

Construction is Bérim's core business

In addition to technical and economic control of all phases of a project, we offer public and private project owners a cross-disciplinary approach and multi-disciplinary engineering of urban and construction projects.
Taking into account technical and technological aspects (structure, thermal, electricity, security, plumbing, future management of the building) but also social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects, gives Bérim a particular intervention. 

Today more than ever, low-carbon construction is at the center of our preoccupations

With the creation of a subsidiary dedicated to the environmental quality of the building, Agi2d, in 2007, the Bérim group has very early accompanied the owners in their strategy aiming at the energy sobriety and a consideration of the analysis of the life cycle in the choice of the building materials.

In this logic, the group continues today to develop its expertise in wood, bio and geosourced construction.

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